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Beet It Sport


BEET IT is a functional health and wellness beverage that is also the secret of the sporting elite, an all-natural sports drink proven to increase stamina and oxygen efficiency. BEET IT is made from concentrated beetroot juice and a splash of lemon juice for taste.

Beet It Sport

Best Swim Centre


The BEST Centre is the perfect site for swimming and Triathlon training camps for all levels of swimmer and Triathlete, from a local social club to national and Olympic teams.

Best Swim Centre




Our aim is to present and make accessible to you a wide range of innovative lifestyle and wellness products that will improve your wellbeing, as well as we would like to take your breath away with impressive design and the latest technology.


CEP Compression


CEP - the intelligent sportswear - is the superior sports brand made by medi, the German medical compression products experts, at their state-of the art manufacturing facilities in Germany.  CEP products are designed using a unique compression technology.  The defined compression profile improves blood circulation for better performance, speeds up lactate metabolism for faster recovery and supports ankle stabilisation to prevent injury. Come and talk to the CEP team, ask questions and get more information about run shorts, run tights, shirts, knee & short socks and sleeves for enhanced performance and recovery. #BESUPERIOR – your power is unlimited.

CEP Compression

Cherry Marketing Institute


Montmorency tart cherries are abundant in anthocyanins – a natural compound that contributes to the ruby-red color and distinctive sour-sweet taste. This phytonutrient, a type of flavonoid, is also behind the potential health-promoting properties of Montmorency tart cherries. From soothing arthritis symptoms and easing muscle pain after a workout to enhancing sleep, they have been credited with an array of health advantages.

More than 50 studies have examined the potential health benefits of Montmorency tart cherries, and the research is continuing. Take a look at the many reasons to eat more Montmorency tart cherries.

Chi Running UK


Chi Running has helped people of all ages and levels discover an easier and more enjoyable approach running, highlighting the importance of skill development and a mindful approach to training as the key to achieving success. It teaches movement principles to help you become more energy-efficient, reduce risk of injury and improve performance.


Don’t miss the Chi Running Technique Workshop at the show!

This 1-hour technique workshop is brought to you by Chi Running UK and is limited to just 15 places per session (on a first-come-first-served basis). The workshop explains the importance of postural alignment, breathing, forces acting upon the body, foot strike, arm swing, cadence and body-awareness. The aim is to help develop your running technique to improve energy efficiency, reduce the risk of injury and make running more enjoyable.

 The session will cover the basic components of the Chi Running technique along with short demos and exercises for you to practice. There will also be time for questions

Chi Running combines the central movement principles of T'ai Chi with running. With good postural alignment and relaxation, core stability and optimal cadence, you'll learn to run focused, relaxed and in balance.


Workshop Times




Saturday & Sunday




Chi Running UK



Everything in Compressport is about passion… Passion in training, Passion for extreme races, Passion to push the limits. Passion goes along with deep respect for YOU, professional athletes that lead the way in performance and age group athletes who are out there every day juggling between their family & work commitments and their passion for sport. Passion for the quest of the perfect product…Always looking for more improvement, more preciseness, more exclusivity. Since the launch of our first R2 calf sleeves in 2008, we work everyday for this consuming passion that Compressport has become. All our products are 100% European made (R&D, fibres, knitting, assembly, dying, testing,…)


Cycle Works

Bike Park

Cycle-works are an independent, British cycle parking company with a wide range of quality cycle parking, for both the workplace and home. This ranges from shelters, 2-tier bike racks, on-street parking, and parking for the garage or home.  All Cycle-works staff are passionate cyclists, and are heavily involved in many aspects of campaigning or promotion, including organising events, Triathlon training and cycling trips and holidays in France and Holland.  We also have lightweight Triathlon event racking available for hire or rent. All our bike parking is high quality and the best available. For example our Rounded A racks are far better than traditional Sheffield stands – come and try them, and ask us why!

Cycle Works are providing a FREE bike park service, just inside the entrance to the show. If you have cycled to the show make sure you pop by to leave your bike in a secure, supervised space, lock it on a Rounded A rack, and speak to the team!

Cycle Works


Dogs Trust


The UK's largest dog welfare charity, outreach programs, education, information, dogs for rehoming, legislation and campaigning.Fundraising can be fun and a great way of getting active and involved with Dogs Trust. There are many different ways you can help us…

Dogs Trust

Dolphin Kick


Children’s Triathlon clothing and accessories! Not only do we provide the young generation of Olympic hopefuls with the correct gear, but also offer advice on nutrition and locating your nearest events! Being triathletes ourselves we know what works and what is needed!

Dolphin Kick

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  • Child (5-15 years) are priced at £5
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Please note tickets to the show are valid for specific two and a half hour sessions and that a £1 booking fee applies per ticket.

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